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Terms & Conditions

What are the Terms and Conditions in 12Bet India ?

Pexcellent Services Ltd B.V. (“the Company”) operates the online sports betting, e-casino, and gaming website known as 12BET. The company is fully regulated and licensed by the laws of Curaçao to conduct remote betting and gaming activities. As the operator of, the Company is authorized under the Master License held by Antillephone N.V., which is granted by the Government of Curaçao. Through this website, the Company offers its services in online sports betting, e-casino games, and other gaming options.

Applicability of these Terms and Conditions

Customers agree to the terms by using the website, opening an account, or placing a bet, and the primary terms supersede any related documents.
The website is operated by the Company, legally established in Curaçao, under Master License No. 8048/JAZ.
Customers must regularly review terms to ensure agreement, with continued use signaling acceptance of any updates.
The official version of all documents is English, which prevails over any translations.

Customer Representations

By accepting these terms, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. We reserve the right to void transactions involving minors.
You cannot register an account if you reside in a country not listed on the registration page.

You represent that you will not use our website for gambling if it is prohibited in your jurisdiction, if gambling is illegal for citizens of your country regardless of location, or if you are a resident or citizen of any of the following prohibited jurisdictions: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean territories, Norway, Poland, Saba, San Marino, Spain, St. Martin, St. Eustatius, Switzerland, Turkey, former Yugoslav states, British Virgin Islands, and the Philippines.

It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with local or national laws before registering or placing bets; we recommend seeking legal advice.
Our services are legally provided from a licensed and regulated jurisdiction, and we do not accept business from prohibited jurisdictions.
If you reside, are located, incorporated in, have a business presence in, or target markets in prohibited jurisdictions, you may not use our services.

Using this website and our services is at your own risk, and you accept full responsibility for any potential financial losses.

You may not represent yourself as an agent or affiliate of our company without prior written approval, and you may not market or promote our services without our consent.
You must not attempt to hack, alter, or introduce malicious code to the website; violations may lead to account suspension or termination.
Please report any errors in payments or account details to us as soon as possible for correction.
You are responsible for reporting winnings to tax authorities as required by law.
You agree to indemnify and hold our company harmless from any claims, damages, or expenses arising from your breach of these terms or use of our services.
By agreeing to these terms, you consent to receive our newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from by contacting customer service.

Account Information and Verification

1. You must first register and open an account with us.
2. Customers must provide accurate personal information upon registration and keep this information updated on the Website, including address, telephone number, and payment details. Failure to provide truthful information may lead to account closure and forfeiture of funds.
3. A Customer may only have one account. Additional accounts may be closed or merged at the Company’s discretion.
4. Customers are given a username and password which must be kept confidential. Misuse or unauthorized disclosure of this information must be reported immediately to the Company.
5. Customers are given a username and password which must be kept confidential. Misuse or unauthorized disclosure of this information must be reported immediately to the Company.
6. The Company may occasionally require Customers to change their password or other account information to ensure security, or may suspend accounts if security breaches are suspected.
7. To protect Customer funds, the Company may conduct random security checks and request additional verification from the Customer.
8. Customers should check their account balance each time they log in and report any discrepancies within 30 days or forfeit the right to contest them.
9. The Company reserves the right to close or suspend a Customer’s account and manage the funds at its discretion, but will honor valid outstanding bets unless fraud is suspected.
10. Customers can cancel their account at any time by notifying the Company in writing through the contact information in the “Contact Us” section of the Website.
11. Customers must log in to the Website and use the Company’s services at least once every twelve months to keep their account active, otherwise, it may be closed and any balance forfeited.
12. The Company may immediately suspend or cancel a Customer’s account for any breach of these terms and conditions, retaining any funds as necessary to cover potential liabilities related to the breach.

Deposit Policy

  1. Customers are permitted to deposit funds into their accounts solely via payment methods pre-approved and listed on the Company’s website.
2. Customers must use the same Authorized Payment Solutions for both depositing and withdrawing funds, unless they are directly transacting with the Company.
3. Authorized Payment Solutions may not claim to receive funds on behalf of the Company without a prior written agreement, nor may they market, advertise, or promote the Company or its services without written consent.
4. To prevent money laundering, all deposits unlinked to bonus promotions must be wagered at least once before withdrawal is permitted.
5. The Company reserves the right to confiscate all funds and close the account of any customer suspected of fraud or money laundering, without prior notice.

Terms of Bet Acceptance

1. The Company accepts bets only from registered customers via the Website.
2. A bet is considered placed when made online by the customer through the Website, from the jurisdiction of the recorded IP address, and is only accepted when confirmed by the Company’s gaming server located in the same jurisdiction. Confirmation of acceptance is communicated to the customer via the Website.
3. Customers will receive electronic acknowledgment confirming the acceptance and recording of their bet by the Company once a bet is successfully placed on the Website.
4. A bet is void if not transmitted completely, including cases where transmission is disrupted or interrupted by technical issues.

5. Once placed, accepted, and recorded in accordance with these terms, bets cannot be canceled or changed by customers. Customers are advised to verify that a canceled bet has not been recorded before final confirmation.

6. In disputes that management cannot resolve, electronic transaction records will serve as the final authority in resolving issues.

7.  The Company may suspend or restrict betting on a market at any time without prior notice, based on its sole discretion, and any attempted bets during this time will be rejected.

8.  The Company reserves the right to refuse any bet, part of a bet, or to suspend or close an account at any time for any reason if it believes that continuing the account might cause loss or damage.

9. The Company is not liable for failures in equipment or telecommunications that hinder the proper placement, acceptance, recording, or notification of bets.

10. The Company is not liable for any damages or losses allegedly caused by the Website or its content, including delays, interruptions, or misuse.

11. Bets are accepted until the advertised deadline for each event. Bets placed after the deadline are void.

12. Bets made by credit or debit card are valid only after full payment is received before betting commences. Bets are void if payment is not made in time.

13. Customers must maintain a positive fund balance exceeding the bet amount to place bets.

14. All displayed prices/lines are subject to change but become fixed when a bet is placed, accepted, and recorded.

15. The maximum bet amount varies by market or event and can change without notice at the Company’s discretion.

16. To place a bet using Indonesian Rupiah, customers should type the desired stake amount without the last three zeros; the system will automatically adjust to reflect the correct stake.


1. Customers may withdraw funds from their accounts, provided their balances are confirmed by the Company and meet any posted withdrawal guidelines on the Website.
2. Customers can request payouts at any time from their account balance, as long as all transactions have been confirmed and all related terms and conditions have been satisfied.
3. Withdrawals will be processed to the customer’s bank account or another approved method listed on the “Withdrawal” page of the Website, using the same method originally used for deposits when possible.
4. Only the account holder can make withdrawals, and the account must be registered in the customer’s name and address, as recorded by the Company.
5. The Company is not responsible for any delays in processing payments.
6. The Company may deny withdrawal requests if the customer’s verification is incomplete, which includes identity, age, location, and phone number verification, and may require additional documents like a government-issued ID or utility bill.
7. Reasonable fees for processing withdrawals may be charged by the Company.
8. The maximum withdrawal limits are €20,000 per month, €10,000 per week, and €5,000 per day, unless the funds are from a progressive jackpot win, which has no limitations.
9. For wins of €100,000 or more, the payout may be divided into ten monthly installments of 10% each, without interest, and should not be treated as a financial institution.

Anti-Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Due Diligence

1. The Company must comply with anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws, requiring due diligence on all Customers.
2. Customer information collected for due diligence purposes will be managed according to the Company’s privacy policy.
3. The Customer agrees that the Company may use their information to conduct public searches and verify the details provided.
4. If the Company cannot complete its due diligence because it lacks necessary information or cannot verify the Customer’s identity, the Customer’s account will be blocked or terminated.
5. The Company may request additional information or documents to fulfill its due diligence responsibilities, and such requests do not constitute final communication.
6. Should the Company find any provided information to be materially false, it will cancel the registration and take necessary legal actions, including withholding any winnings.

Responsible Gaming

Get to know detailed explanation of Responsible Gaming and Self-Exclusion, here.

The Company Conduct and Limitation of Liability

1. Winnings or losses will be updated in the Customer’s account after the final result is confirmed. The Company has the discretion to select the source for the final result.
2. Customers must promptly report any errors in their account credits or debits. Any funds credited in error are not valid and must be returned to the Company. The Company can nullify any transactions involving such funds, and the Customer agrees to reimburse any erroneously withdrawn funds.
3. The Company is not responsible for errors in posted odds or handicaps due to typographical, technical, or human mistakes. In case of such errors, the Company may void affected bets or correct the errors at its discretion.
4. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses or damages arising from the use of the Website or its content. This includes any errors, malfunctions, or interruptions that occur during the use of the Website.
5. The Company is not liable for any breach of terms and conditions due to events outside its reasonable control.
6. The Company may discontinue the Website or parts of it at any time. Except for rights related to deposited funds, the Company will not be held liable for any consequences of such actions.

Use of the Website

1. The Company reserves the right to restrict use, suspend or terminate accounts, void bets, and withhold or forfeit funds if it suspects fraudulent activities, wrongdoings, or money laundering. Customers acknowledge that if their use violates any laws regarding fraud or money laundering, their transactions may be forfeited or frozen. The Company is not liable for these payments and may provide customer information to regulatory authorities as required by law.
2. The Company may void bets, withhold payments, and investigate any person or group suspected of attempting to defraud the Company.
3. The Company can void bets, withhold, and forfeit funds in cases of fraud or money laundering. Customers agree to indemnify the Company and its affiliates against losses resulting from fraud or suspected money laundering. This indemnity extends to all involved customers.
4. The term “wrongdoings” or “fraud” includes, but is not limited to, bypassing terms and conditions, exceeding betting limits, unauthorized access, transferring third-party funds, providing false information, and any harmful actions via the Company’s website or services. The Company retains the right to void suspicious bets until the bet acceptance deadline unless further fraudulent activity is suspected.


1. Customers must notify the Company immediately if they suspect their account information is being misused by a third party, enabling the Company to suspend the account. The Company is not liable for any delays in suspending the account. Bets or requests made using compromised Account Access Information will only be voided after the customer notifies the Company and the account is suspended.
2.Our support team handles complaints and escalates them within the organization as necessary, keeping the customer informed about the progress.
3. Customers may escalate unresolved disputes to Curaçao eGaming by emailing complaints@Curaç

4. For more information about the Authority, please visit www.Curaç

General Rules and Specific Event Rules

For the online casino, the following terms shall govern:
  1. Definition of Online Casino: The “Online Casino” includes all gaming activities such as online casinos, bingo halls, poker rooms, progressive jackpot games, and other applicable games listed on

  2. Software Usage: The “Software” required for participating in the Online Casino may need to be downloaded, accessed, or utilized as per the terms on the Website.

  3. License Grant: The Customer is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Software for playing in the Online Casino and other online games.

  4. Restrictions on Software Use:

    • The Customer may not install the Software on any server or network device, nor make it available over a network.
    • The Customer is prohibited from sublicensing, renting, or transferring the Software.
    • Modifying, reverse engineering, or creating derivative works from the Software is not allowed.
    • Unauthorized access, bypassing security, or interfering with the Online Casino or Website is strictly prohibited.
  5. Software Ownership: The Software is owned by a third-party provider and is protected by copyright law; the Customer does not gain ownership rights by using the Software.

  6. No Warranties: The Software is provided “as is” without any warranties or guarantees of performance.

  7. Limitation of Liability: The Company does not guarantee that the Software will be free from errors or interruptions; liability for system errors affecting account settlements or other features is also disclaimed.

  8. Customer’s Responsibility: The use of the Software is at the Customer’s own risk and the Company is not liable for any resulting damages.

  9. Confidentiality: The Customer must not disclose or use any confidential information from the Software except as allowed by the agreement.

  10. Acceptance of Terms: Usage of the Software is contingent upon agreeing to and understanding the End-User License Agreement.

  11. Payment Obligations: The Customer agrees to fully pay all dues related to the Online Casino usage and not to engage in chargebacks or payment reversals.

  12. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes over wagers or winnings are to be finally decided by the Company.

  13. Verification of Winners: The Company may withhold payouts until the winner’s identity is verified to its satisfaction.

  14. Fraud and Abuse: In cases of suspected fraud or payment chargebacks, the Company may withhold or recover payouts.

  15. Promotional Abuse: The Company reserves the right to withhold winnings and amend policies if promotional abuse is suspected.

  16. Progressive Jackpot Payments: Progressive jackpots are paid by the third-party provider within the first 14 days of the next month, subject to verification; delays may occur if the provider fails to remit winnings timely.

  17. Withdrawal Limits: Withdrawals from progressive winnings are capped at USD 30,000 per month and USD 10,000 per transaction.

  18. Exceeding Withdrawal Limits: Requests to exceed these limits may be accepted at the Company’s discretion but may incur a deduction rate for additional costs.

  19. Payment Methods: The Company may alter the method of payment for withdrawals at its discretion.

  20. Publicity Rights: The Company may publicize details of progressive winnings in a manner that respects the Customer’s privacy.

These revised terms aim to clarify and streamline the understanding of the conditions under which the Online Casino and its Software are used.

To cross-check or see more of the terms and conditions, visit here.