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What Is Responsible Gaming?

12bet Platform Responsibility

12bet is committed to responsible gambling and prioritizes the well-being of its users. Remote gambling is a popular and legitimate form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. However, there are concerns regarding underage users and those who may struggle with time management while gambling. These issues can significantly impact one’s life and financial stability. We strive to address these challenges effectively to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our users.

Top Signs that you are already in the path of addiction

  1. I need to play for significant amounts of money for entertainment.
  2. Every time I consider stopping the game, I feel anxious and irritated.
  3. I have made several unsuccessful attempts to control, reduce, or cease gaming
  4. I frequently think about gaming scenarios, such as reflecting on past games, planning future games, devising ways to acquire money for gaming, and considering how to use the winnings.
  5. I often engage in gaming when I feel depressed, anxious, or upset.
  6. I frequently game in an effort to recover losses from previous gaming sessions.
  7. I avoid disclosing details of my gaming involvement (both time and money spent) to others.
  8. I feel that my personal and professional life has been adversely affected by my relationship with gaming.
  9. I have incurred debts due to gaming, for which I have had to borrow money to manage or continue playing.

18+ Category Only !

To ensure compliance with legal age requirements, individuals registering on the 12bet platform must declare that they are over the age of 18. We require appropriate documentation to verify this declaration. If it is discovered that any information provided is false, the account in question will be terminated. 12bet is committed to preventing minors from accessing its services. All marketing efforts and services provided by 12bet are exclusively targeted at individuals aged 18 and older.
To safeguard young individuals, we urge our customers to take proactive measures, including: 1. Installing a software that prevents access to gambling websites and protects minors. 2. Keeping computers secure by not leaving the 12bet website open and unattended. 3. Keeping bank card details confidential and out of reach of minors. 4. If you have any concerns or suspect that a minor has registered as a player on our site, please contact us immediately. 5. Right Education as to what is right and wrong.  We rely on the cooperation of our customers to maintain a safe and responsible gaming environment.

Forceful Gambling

Forceful gambling does not benefit the company, and 12bet recognizes the serious issues it poses for families and friends of compulsive gamblers. Our goal is to foster a safe and relaxed atmosphere on our site.
At 12bet, we are committed to timely identification and reduction of compulsive gambling behaviors. We use a sophisticated monitoring system to track player activities and enforce internal controls to prevent the development of compulsive gambling habits.
To help you maintain control, please keep in mind:
1. Gambling should never be viewed as a consistent source of income.
2. Avoid pursuing significant losses.
Only wager amounts you can afford to lose.
3. Always monitor the time and money you spend on gambling.
# If you feel the need to take a break from gambling, please contact us to temporarily suspend your account.

Block Your Access To Gambling Sites

If you suspect you may have a gambling problem, it’s advisable to block access to gambling sites on your devices. One effective tool for this is GamBlock software, which detects and blocks gambling sites.
To set appropriate gambling limits, consider the following questions:
Before you gamble,
1. Decide what amount of money you can afford to lose.
2. Monitor how frequently you gamble.
3. Take note of the duration of each gambling session.
# Based on your responses, establish a budget that you are comfortable with for your gambling activities.

Gamble Aware

Gamble Aware is committed to presenting clear and accessible information about gambling. Our goal is to promote responsible gambling practices and support initiatives designed to prevent gambling addiction and reduce gambling-related harm.
For additional details on problem gambling and available support services, please visit our website or contact us:
National Gambling Helpline (operated by GamCare): 0808 8020 133

For local support services, please visit the National Council on Problem Gambling at

Factual Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a voluntary process whereby an individual chooses to be barred from participating in certain activities or accessing specific services, typically related to gambling. This measure is designed to help people who feel they are losing control over their gambling behavior by formally requesting that gambling facilities prevent their access. The arrangement is legally binding and usually lasts for a predetermined period during which the individual cannot engage in gambling activities at the specified venues or online platforms. This is often part of broader responsible gambling initiatives to prevent addiction and provide support to those at risk. We do offer such services.

How do I request self-exclusion from 12bet?

Customers can request self-exclusion by contacting the company’s customer service. This can be done through live chat or by emailing Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When requesting self-exclusion, please provide details about your account and specify the duration for which you wish the self-exclusion to be effective. If no specific period is selected, your account will automatically be excluded for six months.

How soon after requesting a self-exclusion will it be activated?

Your self-exclusion will be implemented as soon as is practically possible. Please be aware that this process may require a reasonable amount of time to complete. The self-exclusion period is not considered to have commenced until it is fully implemented and you have been notified accordingly.

Can I reactivate my account or open a new account during the self-exclusion period?

Upon submitting a request for permanent self-exclusion, the company will no longer entertain any requests to reactivate your account. Accounts that are self-excluded cannot be reactivated under any circumstances before the end of the designated self-exclusion period. 12bet adheres to a policy that requires mutual commitment from both the company and the client. The company employs all necessary measures to prevent users from reopening an existing account or creating a new one. Any new accounts identified will be immediately blocked. Additionally, 12bet ensures that you will not receive any promotional materials during the self-exclusion period.